Recovery Lounge

Our Recovery Lounge at Cycling Events is located next to our Massage tents. It is an area to decompress, stretch, and get the kinks out while you await your massage. It houses our Leg Compression Therapy systems and our complimentary stretch/self massage area. It is available to all of the athletes at the event, even if they are not receiving massage from our staff. CyclistsYoga, an apre yoga session can be offered in this area, by our certified Yoga Instuctor.

We are equipped with the latest in recovery aids, such as...

Leg Compression Therapy systems by...

Self Massage and Stretch Aids by...

For Overuse Injuries We Offer...

Post Ride Recovery Fuel by...

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phone: 949-257-7680



In Studio Massage: $80 per hour
On Demand in your home: $100 per hour
Event Massage Pricing: Contact Us
Recovery Lounge at Events
Leg Compression Therapy: $10 for 20 min session
$20 for 40 min session
Yoga Session at Events: Contact Us
Kinesio Tape Application: $5 per area
Hyperice Systems: $5 for 20 min session
Electric Massagers, foam rollers, stretch aids, yoga mats:
Use of these items is Complimentary